John Gilmore: What Voters Should Know About Mark Taylor

Retired Police Lieutenant, Steve Dean, Endorses Mark Taylor

Rigby Mayor Endorses Mark Taylor for Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney

Insights on Mark Taylor from Rod Bitsoi, Local Public Servant and Leader

Laurie OReily

The very best thing about living in our county is associating with the people who live here!! I have met so many good, hard-working, community-minded, people of integrity! I think this amazing community deserves to have the people who represent us in elected positions, also reflect those same great qualities!! And MARK TAYLOR is exactly the person we need as our County Prosecutor!!! He is man of intelligence, integrity, and conservative values, who also just happens to be a very highly regarded attorney. He has an impressive record of experience, including 11 years as a successful federal prosecutor! Our rapidly growing county, with all the complexities that growth brings, deserves to have Mark Taylor as our County Prosecuting Attorney!

Becky Harrison

We support Mark Taylor for Jefferson County PA because he is honest, knowledgeable, a respecter of ALL people, and motivated by personal conviction to do right by his neighbors and members of the Jefferson County community.

Having chosen to bring his family to this wonderful county over anywhere else in the United States, he does not take for granted the beauty, charm and freedoms we enjoy here, and will advise and prosecute to keep Jefferson County the home we love as it inevitably grows and develops.

Ninette Bell

30 years ago in August, I chose Jefferson County to be my home. I moved into a little house on 1st South in Rigby. I was 35 weeks pregnant with my second child. Nine months later, a home became available for a young married couple to buy IN RIGBY and I chose again to remain in this little community. That said, I know what it is like to be treated like an outsider because I was not born and raised here. BUT MY KIDS WERE AND ARE. I am grateful we have a candidate running for PROSECUTING ATTORNEY who also CHOSE this community as his own to raise his kids here and now to serve, if elected. I VOTE MARK TAYLOR FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY.

Cheryl Hively

I endorse Mark Taylor for Jefferson County Prosecutor. I am impressed with Mark’s qualifications in Civil Law, his ability to lead, teach, and organize. His experience speaks volumes. Jefferson County is the 2nd largest growing county in Idaho. We are at a crossroads. We need a strong infrastructure to ensure growth. County Ordinances are going to have to accommodate this growth and we need someone strong in civil law to advise our commissioners. Mark Taylor is that someone!

Ward Whitmore

I have learned about Mark’s character through how he has handled unfounded political attacks. He refuses to get down into the mud even if not doing so may disadvantage him in the election. He has a strong moral compass and deals with the world on his terms. Jefferson County needs a Prosecuting Attorney with such integrity.

Darrell and Carol Baldwin

We have known Mark Taylor for almost 4 years now and believe he is an excellent candidate for Jefferson County Prosecutor. We have spent lots of time with him and have seen him in many different circumstances. He is level headed, articulate, and has a calming demeanor. He has the ability to look at a complex situation and see all sides. We support Mark Taylor for Jefferson County Prosecutor.

A sample of local citizens endorsing Mark:

Rick and Betty Miles

Laura Ulrich

Kadie Johnson

Ethan Whiting

Ryker and Tanelle Farnsworth 

Wynn and Jennifer Whitemeyer

Josie Smith

Tom and Laurie ORiley

Sarah Dye

Phyllis Lewis

Samuel Philipps

Alisa Noel

Steve and Rebecca Jensen

Steve and Sue Dean

Ninette Bell

John and Diana Gilmore

Lisa Cook

Vernon Ulrich

Richard and Tracy Ward

Danny and Marcene Ferguson

JoAn Wood

Melissa Austin Hurst

Eric Sievers

Barbara Smith

Cami Kartchner

Kami Harris

Laura Tabor

Wendy Heder

Nathan and Kristin Peterson

Michelle Stevenson

Bryon and Marcy Mecham

Paula and Cameron Taylor

Erik and Shelese Castle

Bari Trost

Ryan Melanese

Michelle Twede

Rod and Susan Bitsoi

Aaron and Melissa Lombardo

Darold and Sheryl Bingham

Dana Wood

Eric and Jessica Tompkins

Mitch and Wendy Curtis

Bart Whiting

Cynthia Keller

Becca Wilson

Ed and Jennifer Wilson

Mark and Larissa Jaster

Aliza King

Dee and Brenda Packard

Shanna Browning

Lisa Trainor

Annie Godfrey

Malyn Beck

Brad and Becky Harrison

Darrell and Carol Baldwin

Vanessa Drake

Shawn and Caley Hansen

Trevor Haslem

Kim and Catherine Nielsen

Amy Orme

Keith and Pam Owen